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Baal Unnati

A Without Profit Child Endowment Plan with protection of both child and proposer with both Single and regular premium paying mode. This product provides Guaranteed Addition for all the years the policy has been in force for.

Jeevan Shree

This is an endowment plan which provides guaranteed addition for the first 5 years and simple reversionary bonus thereafter.

Endowment Plan

To maintain the standard of living to which you and your family are accustomed, you need sufficient money.

Money Back Plan

The bonus additions to the policy will be reckoned on the full SA and are payable at the end.

Jeevan Anand

It provides the pre-decided SA along with vested bonuses at the end of the premium paying term.

Bima Kiran Plan

This provides the pre-decided SA during PPT and 50% of Pre-decided SA within 10 years after maturity if LA dies.

Amulya Jeevan

This Plan Provides for a pre-decided Sum-Assured on death during Premium-Paying-Term.

Jeevan Astha Plan

It is a Single Premium Short Term Endowment Assurance Plan. The Plan offers guaranteed benefits on Death and Maturity. The Plan will be available for terms of 3 and 5 years.

Jeevan Saathi

A combination of joint life cover and saving to both Policy Holder and Spouse. Attractions Free Insurance cover to Spouse Up to 50% of Sumassured High Bonus Rate Cheaper than Endowment Plan 150% risk coverage on normal death 250% risk coverage on accidental death 50% risk coverage to Spouse Eligibility  Minimum Sum Assured : NRs. […]

Dhan Bristi

This is an endowment plan which provides guaranteed addition for the first 5 years and simple reversionary bonus thereafter.

Jeevan Bachat

Jeevan Bachat (Single Premium Plan) This is a non-linked, with profits, single premium payment endowment plan which offers the policyholder a combination of protection as well as savings.

New Jeevan Tarang

Jeevan Tarang is a limited premium, with-profit, limited premium whole life plan. lt provides for an annual survival benefit of 5.50% of the Sum Assured every year after the premium payment term. The vested bonus is payable in a lump sum on survival to the end of the premium payment term or on death, if earlier. The Sum Assured is payable on survival to age 100 or on death, if earlier.

Jeevan Labh

This is a with-profit individual life Endowment Plan where premium is payable for a period which is 5 years less than the term of the policy.

Baal Samridhee (Withdrawn)

A with-profit Child Endowment Policy with Moneyback benefits. The policy can be issued to the proposer (parent/guardian of the child), covering the life of the child after commencement of risk (2 years after commencement of the policy or from the policy anniversary immediately after the completion of 5 years of age, whichever is later) and […]

Jeevan Tarang (Withdrawn)

This plan provides annual survival benefit @5% of the SA every year after the chosen accumulation period.

Child Plans (Withdrawn)

This plan has guaranteed additions of Rs. 65/- per thousand Sum Assured per annum for the first 5-year and reversionary bonuses.

Children’s Endowment Plan(Withdrawn)

This is a with profits endowment assurance plan available for children of 10 years or less.

Jeevan Vidhya(Withdrawn)

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