Jeevan Astha Plan

The Plan offers guaranteed benefits on Death and Maturity.

Jeevan Astha Plan


It is a Single Premium Short Term Endowment Assurance Plan.The Plan offers guaranteed benefits on Death and Maturity.The Plan will be available for terms of  5 years.


  • Double the Sum Assured, along with Guaranteed Additions till date of death, is payable on death of the life assured during the Policy Term.
  • Sum Assured along with Guaranteed Returns is payable on survival to Maturity Term.
  • Accident Benefit can be provided under existing rider subject to overall limit of NRs 10 Lakhs as per the rules of the company.
  • NRs 85/-p.a per thousand of Sum Assured for a policy of 5 years term.
  • Minimum S.A. allowed is 25 Thousand and Max. S.A. allowed is 1 Crore.